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Who we are

Physiotime is a modern Physiotherapy Clinic in the centre of Athens that specialises in the management of musculoskeletal conditions. We offer one to one sessions to our patients, using evidence based treatment approaches, (Manual Therapy, Clinical Pilates, Acupuncture, Schroth Method etc), aiming to optimal functional rehabilitation.

Some of the pathologies we can manage in our clinic are:

Back pain and Sciatica | Neck pain - Cervical radiculopathy | Tension type headaches | 

Tendonitis / Tendinopathy | Meniscal injuries | Ligament Injuries | Muscle strains | Shoulder Instability |

 Fractures | Sprains

Postoperative rehabilitation

(for spinal, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle problems)

Incontinence | Musculoskeletal problems due to pregnancy | 

Osteoporosis | Osteoarthritis | Rheumatoid arthritis  | Idiopathic or functional  kyphosis, scoliosis

Our approach

Λεπτομερής & συνεχής


Αποκατάσταση της Λειτουργικότητας

& Επιστροφή στη Δραστηριότητα

Ανακούφιση Συμπτωμάτων εστιάζοντας στο αίτιο

Καθοδήγηση για διαχείριση του προβλήματος από τον ίδιο τον ασθενή σε βάθος χρόνου

In our Clinic we specialise in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy which refers to the management of neuro- musculoskeletal conditions. These conditions can affect any part of the human body and can be caused as a result of an injury, pathology or pain to the nerves, the muscles, the bones, the joints, the ligaments and the tendons.

Our approach includes detailed medical history taking and physical examination, to identify the underlying cause and set the treatment goals. The patient is actively involved to the rehabilitation programme and his/her progress is re-assessed in each follow up session. Our treatment planning provides a safe and effective way towards reaching our patients goals. The treatment plan is discussed with the patient and always reviewed and updated by the physiotherapist and the consultant as therapy progresses.



They said about us
“If you are in need of physical therapy, look no further than Physiotime! Rita is highly trained, professional, friendly, and her office is warm and inviting with all new equipment."
Κέντρο φυσικοθεραπείας | Αθήνα

Rita Tamiolaki


Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Clinical Pilates Instructor, APPI trained, UK

Women’s Health Specialist, POGP, UK

Rita Tamiolaki is a fully qualified physiotherapist graduated from Technological Educational Institute of Athens, with an MSc in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from the University of Birmingham. She is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist with special clinical interest in manual therapy, clinical pilates, scoliosis/kyphosis  and women’s health. She has worked in the National Health System of England (NHS) in Outpatient Departments for a number of years, and she has return back to Greece since 2016 where she became  Programme Leader of BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy in Mediterranean College, Athens for 2 years. In summer of 2019, she opened her own Physiotherapy Clinic ‘Physiotime’ at the city centre of Athens. 

The clinic

15Α Georgiou Sisini street

Athens (Megaro Mousikis metro station)

Working hours (with appointment):

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

9:00 - 19:30

Wednesday 9.00 - 16.00

Contact details

210 72 51 710

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